Unless you connect an IDE device the machine will not boot, it just hangs after posting. Thanks i’m Italian, sorry for bad english. I even went as far as to change the system time back to 3 months ago just in case there was some weird bug having to do with the date. I have an Asus a7v8x rev. Using the WD 36gb raptor, it shows up in the raid utility, but I can’t seem to make any changes.

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ASUS A7V600: Feature-Laden – Value-Priced

This is a question, however, that we will probably never see answered in the marketplace. With win98 recovery disk the operating sistem doesn’t start. I went to device rzid and noticed an!

I suspect others have the wrong drivers as well. I have read all the posts ,as late this night my screaming friend entered my place in search for an answer to a question: Can someone link me the right asus a7v600 x sata raid Entered a password and installed the software.

I have tried a different harddrive on the primary controller and found it to work with no problems. Please register or login. With Athlon64, a new socket, and a new Architecture due to asus a7v600 x sata raid next month, we do not expect to see new and improved solutions for Socket A Athlons.

Just to point out a couple of things about this board: Windows Xp setup in the first installation did a first partition of 6.

My bios finds the drive fine, i can even use fdisk to partition the drive. The bios it’s shipped with doesn’t support the SATA chipset correctly, however neither does revision orthe only one Asus released that supports it correctly is Asus a7v600 x sata raid never format the disk.

So we are left with the very pleasant feature-rich VIA KT chipset that will likely not get the attention it otherwise deserves because it is not the single-channel chipset to finally compete with nForce2.

I just finished the install and booted Windows Professional for the first time. But when the power is off for a while some files get corrupt or missing what causes win not to boot properly and results in a blue screen when booting.

I unfortunately only bought ONE drive and can’t afford another. Log in Don’t have an account? I have three options exit the installation, skip file or retry the file. We have known this in theory since the original nForce made its appearance, but we have recently seen, with the single-channel nForce2that single-channel can indeed compete effectively asus a7v600 x sata raid the dual-channel nForce2 Ultra in most performance areas.

I used the Asus motherboard CD to make asus a7v600 x sata raid floppy with Raid drivers, pressed F6 during boot and loaded the drivers, but to no avail. I’ve found it works much better that way when doing lot’s of multitrack recording.

What can i do? I have also taken the “nonworking” Maxtor into another system and it booted up just fine!!!

We are no longer seeing reviews asking if the KT can beat nForce2 Ultra — the consensus now seems to be that nForce2 Ultra will remain asus a7v600 x sata raid performance leader barring a major surprise. Linux and Windows – No Boot. Want to enjoy less advertisements and more features?

Asus A7VX AMD Athlon/Duron Socket A Motherboard Specs – CNET

I had a similar problem nut I used a pci-controller card for my sata drive, and I flashed the 4. KT seems to have quickly settled into the “value asue category, a7v00 is really amazing when you consider the feature set that is potentially available in the VIA asus a7v600 x sata raid. I rebooted, and presto, windows XP now recognizes the drive properly and Disk manager lets me convert it and I am now formatting it as asus a7v600 x sata raid speak.

I’ve tried every SATA driver there is. So i rebooted and now at the moment of create partition the installation says “Unable to access disk”. Please enter your email address below and click Subscribe.