Closer look at the layout 4. Closer look at the layout 4. Really waiting for the nforce 5 series to be mature too. DFI clearly wants to distinguish their Infinity boards from the LanParty board that they have built their name on. The one complaint I have of this is that the top of the ceramic plate is flat. How high could we get the FSB and is the board worth it?

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[fs]dfi Infinity 975x/g

You simply undo the retention bar, raise the socket lid, place the CPU in the socket, close dfi infinity 975x lid and redo the dfi infinity 975x bar. One thing to mention is the cooling that DFI choose to use on the Southbridge.

In fact, nifinity some additional BIOS tuning we are certain this board has the ability to hold a performance lead in most of the stock setting results.

This site uses cookies. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Closer look at the layout 4. Auto,PCIe Speeds: However, knowing DFI’s ability to extract performance out of chipsets in just about any price range we expected some great things with this board.

The BIOS options are not as extensive as the LanParty series, but they certainly provide more than enough choices for most performance or enthusiast users. Really waiting for the nforce 5 series to be mature too. Let’s just hope dfi infinity 975x DFI can lower dfi infinity 975x price and raise the FSB overclocking abilities as they do have a winner on their hands if they accomplish this task.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Auto, 9 Options NB Voltage: IDE is something that is dfi infinity 975x being phased out and because of this, DFI only included one, inifnity for an optical drive however, there dfi infinity 975x still many people who use IDE hard drives.

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. As dfi infinity 975x box shows, its nothing like the LanParty boxes but still informative.

With most of dfi infinity 975x attention going to the LanParty series, the Infinity can sometimes be looked over. Closer look at the layout 4. With this said, our issue or maybe our perception is that the board could have been much better in dfi infinity 975x overclocking area as we “only” reached a stable FSB setting of with our X Intel has retaken the performance crown from AMD, dual core CPUs are a common place and more importantly, affordable and the emergence of quad core CPUs is happening as well.

DFI Infinity X/G |

Dfi infinity 975x List Top 1. How high could we get the FSB and is the board worth it? While nothing out of the ordinary, the inclusion of high definition surround sound audio is nice, as well as the eSATA port.

As bad as it looks, it actually cools quite well. Dfi infinity 975x course, we understood this would be an Infinity series and as such would be lacking the normal bells and whistles along with the almost legendary overclocking ability of the LanParty series.

Long known in the industry as an overclockers best friend in the motherboard arena, DFI has produced some of the best performing motherboards to date. Some users have had success with taking this board over FSB with a 4: Basic Performance The performance of the board was very good along with exceptional stability in all areas. Finally, placed where it should be is the CPU socket. Our X with the multiplier dropped was dfi infinity 975x able to achieve a FSB of before dfi infinity 975x the proverbial brick wall.

Intel 965/975 mainboards for Core 2 Duo tested

While the Infinity series lacks the bundled extras that the LanParty offers, it still gets its fair share of attention from the DFI engineers. Their LanParty series has catapulted them to the top dfi infinity 975x of enthusiast motherboard manufacturers by offering superb performance and an ungodly amount of extras bundled.

Page List Top dfi infinity 975x. Long known for their overclocker friendly motherboards, DFI is back with a board for the highly popular and extremely powerful Core 2 Duo. Log in Don’t have an account?