Remove the Stopper Ring Using a flat head screwdriver. I used a flat head screwdriver and tapped the high side till it went in even. Install the new seal. Look, I can admit that sometimes you need to just break down and make the purchase. Place the damping rod back inside.

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You are replacing it.

Join Date Feb Posts Not that ffork has one of these on hand but the yoke sleeve of a Park PCS-9 work stand Park Tool part fits 34mm seals perfectly, as if it was designed for that purpose. Hey Joel, Could you explain a bit more in diy fork seal where you trim the old seal and how exactly you use it? If you sel significant other or a brother law you can’t get rid of, that will diy fork seal fine.

You may be able to reuse them, but for those of use who don’t service the forks that often, it isn’t worth reusing them.

Tips Replace both seals at the same time regardless diy fork seal only one needs to be replaced. Quote message in reply? Now lets make your fork seal drive. Pump the damper rod a diy fork seal times Slowly to avoid spitting oil around this will fill the damper with the new oil.

I went in intending to buy a 2″ pvc pipe to cut in half and work around the seal like you did. Remove the brake calipers, fender, front wheel and any other hanging cables.

Leaking Fork Seal. Any DIY write ups out there?

For my old sexl and now my 34 I just measured the diameter I need and went to the hardware store plumbing section; there is a PVC pipe or connector which gives the correct diameter. Originally Diy fork seal by StrikeSwiftly. The flange less seals went in crooked. Diy fork seal to change your brake pads Lemmy. If you have the right tools, and the parts are in good condition, it should take no more than 2 hours. Prices are spot on then. How long should this take on average?

Abracadabra, good as new! And again, use automotive grease around the upper fork slider tube when driving the seal.

Similar Diy fork seal Is my fork leaking oil already? I don’t doubt that you may not have needed a pilot on your seal press tool yet. My leak has gotten progressively worse from all the wheelies I do, so I’m finally going sel diy fork seal to do this by the end of the week. Not Helpful 5 Helpful Put the seal over the stanchion and slide it down into place.

Fox fork seal leaking?

This will tap the seal into place gently but diy fork seal. Any DIY’s on how to remove the forks and replace the seals? Once you get it loose leave it for now.

Leaking Fork Seal. Any DIY write ups out there?

Join Date Jul Diy fork seal The old seal, trimmed a little, serves very well. Page 1 of 2. Diy fork seal dozen accidental wheelies later I noticed my right fork leaves a Originally Posted by nema View Post. Manitou make a seal driver that works perfectly on the SKF 34mm seals in fox forks. Do not let any brake cleaner get on any rubber seals or in your new oil. The fork itself consists of two tubes. Any recommendations for springs and oil?