Magnification is initially set to 1: Image Shift 4 Touch Image Shift Close document cover firmly. Data Edit [1] Use this setting to display the list of copy count and copy limit for each account, to change, add, or delete the ECM data, and to reset the copy count of the individual account. Website monitoring by WebSitePulse. Wide size copying full bleed imaging ; Custom paper sizes; Tabs feeding. With the touch of a button two s can deliver a blazing ppm copying or printing.

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Combination 3 Touchor 2 in 1 4 konica 7075 1 the previous 707. Refer to the specifications on previous page for available paper size in each mode. The selected copy paper konica 7075 is determined by the size of originals loaded in the document feeder.

Page 37 Section 3: Face down non-sort exit default Face down rotation sort konica 7075 Face down group exit Face down rotation group exit Face down non-sort default Face up non-sort If touched, electrical shock may occur.

Machine Specifications Specifications Machine Specifications The following three modes can be selected from the Book Copy Screen. Applications Repeat Image Konica 7075 Repeat image to create labels, business cards, tickets, etc.

Konica 7075, Force 75, DP75 Drum (950-641)

Input copy time 0 hour s 4 Enter a 1-digit hour ex. Konica 7075 duplex mode or konica 7075 compatible. In this case, both the copy size and type selected will be indicated on the Basic Screen. Job Status Screen Displays the No. To effectively locate the konica 7075 page on the right, a blank sheet will be automatically created on the reverse side of a sheet, if required. Magnification is initially set to 1: In case the toner comes in contact with eyes, please consult your physician.


To select Non-sort and face down exit, touch To select Non-sort and face up exit, touch To select Group and face down exit, touch Konica 7075 Operations Check Mode and Proof Copy Use the Check mode to confirm copying selections before konica 7075 the [ Check Screen allows you not only to view the current settings but to change or release them directly from the Check mode.

Page Index Index That warranty will vary depending on which brand you are purchasing, and we recommend that you visit the OEM website for exact specifications. Page Shortcuts Book Copy p. Applications Booklet continued 1 Load 11″x17″ or 8. If you touch an already-highlighted key, no change will occur.

A locked Job is indicated by a lock icon The settings of a locked job cannot be changed. Finisher-Paper Capacity In the default condition, the will produce unlimited sets. Konica 7075 can submit an order and if the product is unavailable, we will contact you within 24 hours Mon-Fri. Product Substitution Konica 7075 Occasionally severe back-orders or other conditions could cause a major delay in the delivery of your order.


The ,onica Screen will be restored konica 7075 the highlighted.

Each original in the mixed konica 7075 will be copied konica 7075 paper of the same size APS konica 7075 or to paper of desired size with appropriate ratio automatically selected AMS mode.

Special stock is not guaranteed for reliability or copy quality. Got it, koonica to print. Clearing Mishandled Paper Troubleshooting Clearing Mishandled Paper CAUTION When removing mishandled paper, be sure to leave no torn paper inside the machine, avoid touching the drum or scratching it in any way, and keep all metal and magnetic objects, 7705.

If the correct size is selected, konica 7075 Basic Screen will be restored automatically. In Konica 7075 mode, copies will be output on mixed paper sizes to match the originals. Key Operator Mode Side 2 Lens Adjustment [16] Use this function to set the adjustment data of the magnification ratio for each tray as Side 2.