Setting up The two Logitech cameras come with the same software disc, which lets you easily install the camera driver software, plus a handful of other packages. You can even use the new camera and motion monitor gadets for Windows Sidebar in Vista. I tested the webcams on a Win98 box powered by a mere MHz Athlon. Not a professional photo, but OK for the money. On the 0 to exposure scale, you need a value below 5 to avoid that hydrogen-bomb-test look in any daytime out-the-window shots. The Robocam’s peculiar difficulties with brightly lit scenes, though, set it back.

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Same goes for Quickcam Pro. USB webcams have to compress the video they capture in some way, because they’ve got less than a megabyte per second of real data transfer bandwidth to play with.

With the case removed, you can unscrew the lens from all three of these cameras and peer at the image sensor inside, but it’s not a great idea. Going up to super-bright lighting with the QuickCam Express made things worse, if anything; now it made more jaggies on bright edges. If you’ve got a static IP or a Web site, you can make a “proper” webcam site, and logitech 3000 quickcam are free services that make it even easier. Lifeview’s USA site uglier but more reliable.

Logitech QuickCam Pro Drivers: The QuickCam software’s ability to de-distort the Pro ‘s images gives that camera a big advantage in the distortion stakes, for still images at least. Logitech 3000 quickcam C works quite well with Win7 x64, so I’m just wondering if the Quickcam Pro works with the logitech 3000 quickcam version?

QuickCam┬« for Business – Logitech Support

My setup is 64 bit Vista, so the instructions are slightly different. Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. This cam seems to have been ignored since XP. The next choice for indoor use is the Robocam. You can grab video clips and automatically attach them to a new message in your e-mail program, and you can do stop-motion animation, too.

If, as your profile indicates, you are using Windows XP with QuickCam Prologitech 3000 quickcam you do not need the info and mods that are quoted here. Its quiclcam cable also passes through the case with a neat little moulded-in ball joint, which lets it droop better than the clamped-in cable lkgitech the other cameras use.

My files are located logitech 3000 quickcam C: It also works with version So it’s still not small, but it’s better, and there’s no frame rate penalty – if anything, logitech 3000 quickcam get a slightly higher frame rate.

Logitech QuickCam Pro Software. But the Robocam’s low light result, above, beats the heck out of what the Express logitech 3000 quickcam. In the absence of any serious software hassles, the only real logitech 3000 quickcam problem logitech 3000 quickcam where you can put the camera. Here’s logitceh pic, this time taken with more light – another W lamp and a watt halogen flood, quuickcam pointing at the white ceiling. Well, I need a webcam, so I’m going to buy the Pro The QuickCam software disc also gives you Microsoft’s NetMeeting, which you can get for free from here ; if you’ve got WindowsNetMeeting is standard equipment.

Here are the issues that I’ve been having. Quickcam Pro a You can still download version QuickCam Express, low light, automatic gain.

Webcam comparison: Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000, Logitech QuickCam Express, Lifeview Robocam

logitech 3000 quickcam You can see the red flywheel better, but the overall image quality suggests that the picture’s taken a round trip via Pioneer Software Simple Blog Archive Logitech Which looks like this.

They can often wind their gain up far enough to logitech 3000 quickcam at least an identifiable image, but it may still be dark, and it’ll be very grainy indeed.

Switch to manual gain and crank the slider all the way up and you get this. Small “desktop” tripods can be had cheaply – you don’t need a big photographic rig. Inside Enough of this gentleness.

The price difference isn’t enough to get excited about, it takes good enough logitech 3000 quickcam, and it looks groo- vay.