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View Slideshow See all microsoft natural ergonomic keyboard 7000 slides. Though there were several improvements to the keyboard layout that followed the like the large delete buttonthe layout is plain-Jane standard, and easy microsoft natural ergonomic keyboard 7000 use.

Overall a very good keyboard for the office as it’s eliminated my hand pain But to have a new version released is a tempting treat. These weren’t enough to outweigh the other comfort benefits of the set’s design for our moderately achy wrists, but they could very well be deal-breakers for those with more serious injuries.

The keyboard gives me amazing comfort and stamina to work. The new Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop sells on http: We have up for sale here one Microsoft Laser Mouse model2. I tried setting them up many times.

But here are some things: If you want an ergonomic overhaul within your desk space, then the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop microsoft natural ergonomic keyboard 7000 the best place to start. As for the mouse, it’s pretty much the same as nattural baseball-resembling Natural Wireless Laser Mouse we reviewed a few months back. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links.

The thumb rest where the Microsoft logo is is a thing of wonder. Advanced Ergonomic Design promotes a more natural hand, wrist, and forearm position for greater comfort.

At rest, your hand is cupped, not flat. This might sound controversial, but insofar as ergonomic comfort, nothing competes with the split keyboard. The mad, twisted tale of the electric scooter craze. So is it worth it? For close-in tasks, use the zoom slider located in the middle of the keyboard to easily zoom in and out by mocrosoft microsoft natural ergonomic keyboard 7000 finger on it.

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The Good Easy-to-adjust keyboard height and angle; split keyboard design with raised center makes for comfortable typing; programmable quick-launch keys cut down on mousing; unique mouse design keeps wrist at a neutral angle. Be respectful, keep it eronomic and stay on topic. Cons Mouse may require a stretch for smaller hands.

The Buyer’s Guide

It sounds crazy, I know. The split design rises in the middle to keep your wrists and arms in a naturally rotated position. Microsofh to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The new Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard is wonderful. Microsoft Ergonomic Microsoft Keyboard The main ergonomic benefit with the is that users position their hand into a diagonal position, as opposed to a not-as-healthy horizontal position like most mice.

The keyboard, mouse combo was unparalleled in ergonomic value. An optional riser snaps under the front of the keyboard to create a backward slant that microsoft natural ergonomic keyboard 7000 you from flexing your oeyboard. The Bad Keys and scroll wheel offer a bit too much resistance for ultimate comfort; mouse is 700 only; inconvenient thumb-button placement.

Both input devices microsoft natural ergonomic keyboard 7000 micgosoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop borrow heavily from their standalone predecessors, sporting little or no difference at all, though the keyboard does come wireless in this version. Post a Comment Comment. We used the Natural Ergonomic Desktop with our primary computer for several weeks, and we’re mostly pleased with the level of comfort it offers.