Browse Related Browse Related. This increases the number of nozzles by a factor of two. In other words, the purpose of the scanner was only to make copies, not digitize. Refurbished Oce Colorwave This is a fully functional Colorwave large format color printer. The standard configuration was a two roll print engine, a system controller computer , and a monochrome scanner. This affordable wide format solution supports your workflow and offers the true reliability you need.

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Oce TDS320 Digital Printer/Plotter

Prints and scans lce up to 36″ wide. Comes with CD oce tds 320 back ups. With a vast selection of high quality gently used printers, WideFormatsOnSale has nearly any make or configuration you need.

The standard configuration was a two roll print engine, a system controller computerand a monochrome scanner.

The white allows for base printing on dark and black substrates for vibrant color printing.

Doubling the matte black is used for maximum black density and speed. Missing one caster and one side panel. Original feed Face down, right aligned. Need Onyx rip for this printer. Oce tds 320 Editor Edit and save customized system settings application: Cart is empty Total Value: This may oce tds 320 in the need to make adjustments to the copier once the copier arrives txs destination.

Oce TDS A0 Digital Mono Printer / Scanner | A0 Printer Solutions

The drawback to the Oce TDS was that it did not have scan-to-file functionality. Color, grayscale and blac Demo available With WideFormatsOnSale, you get exactly oce tds 320 you paid for. And it has installed proprietary OCE software to scan, edit, and manage scanned images. Newsletters Sign up to our monthly newsletter oce tds 320 recieve 30 offers and news Leave Blank: Please leave this field empty.

High cost, high value equipment, acquired from a reliable source.

Oce TDS 320 Wide Format

We simply no longer have a need for it. All pictures oce tds 320 taken in house. Unit powers on with working indicator light. The front drawer will not close, stuck in open position.

And we include ocw no-risk guarantee that your Oce TDS printer will be installed and be perfectly operational right off the bat. Large Format Printer Parts.

Our responsibility includes paying for all missing or broken parts and consumables, as well as labor, for the first 30 days following delivery. How many square feet have been printed on the unit? Supported operating Windows 98, Me,NT4. During oce tds 320 shipping process, vibrations may occur. On a scale from 1 – 10, with 10 being in new or excellent condition, this item is rated as a7.

As such, the buyer has ample time to have their copier installed by a trained oce tds 320. We have several Oce machines dismounted, if you This system has been tested and found to be inexcellent working condition.

Be aware though, if the machine has , square oce tds 320 and has never had a preventative maintenance performed, it might not be such a bargain. Whether you work for a small technical company or in a workgroup in a larger organization, the requirement is simple: Browse Related Browse Related.