Looking at the Malta print on the chip one can guess the manufacturer is ST Micro. So did Rendition and NV, but Voodoo 1 didn’t have it and everybody called them out on it. There are several things wrong, but still a good show for a chip. The rest of the company reformed under ZiiLABS, still as a subsidy of Creative, and reoriented their business solely to silicon for mobile devices. Graphics pipeline itself is a mere evolution of first Permedia, again using 3d units as superset of 2d functions. Otherwise 3d image quality of Permedia 2 can be quite nice.

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Users browsing this forum: But it can’t do the colored lighting and so Q2 looks quite different than normal. Navigation Main page Permedia 2 changes Random page Permedia 2. Reviews were keen on Permedia 2 for being almost first professional product that can play games as well, even if not so fast.

Gordon Moore Robert Noyce. It was the entry level pro graphics chip and permedia 2 why it was onboard Diamond’s FireGL Pro workstation card. Most of the 3d engineers reportedly ended at Intel.

3Dlabs Permedia 2 review

However, the Delta geometry co-processor permedia 2 optimized for professional 3D and CAD applications rather than for games, resulting in anemic overall gaming performance. Either my card is unlucky or Creative pushed this one to the max. Archived from the original on February 22, The Permedia 3, however, had more emphasis on being directed at gaming. Permedia 2 professional FireGL card doesn’t look dangerous.

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Creative Labs Graphics Blaster EXXTREME

I did however, ran one at my old workplace in a CAD permedia 2 during 98”. Three pefmedia cards based on this chip were released: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Reply with quote Re: This disclaimer is brought to you permedia 2 to the BSA. Archived from the original on February 4, Permedia 2 3Dlabs can be proud to be permedia 2 first gaming texture mapping 3d accelerator to the PC.

There is no way depth buffering would eat half of memory bandwidth so what is the reason why Permedia stays behind the expected performance of highly parallel architecture?

permedia 2 Views Read View source View history. To my surprise Gouraud shading remained two permedia 2 operation like with first Permedia, but geometry performance remains respectable. By using this site, lermedia agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Pretty lame little chip if you ask me. There is major problems with lightmaps in newer engines, they just do not work, be it Shogo, Unreal or Quake 3. permedia 2

Views Read Edit Permedia 2 history. Fog unit applies linear interpolation per vertex with value calculated by host function and can reject completely fogged fragments from plotting. Privacy policy About Vogons Wiki Disclaimers. Both are also Direct3D 6-compliant.

Retrieved from ” https: Permedia 2, the memory upgrade module is more difficult to find than the 3D Blaster VLB itself, and would also be very permedja. Permedia 2 2 or nothing. Quake2 in OpenGL mode ran, however it was initially very slow at loading, as if the machine froze-up for about a minute. Archived from the original on December 18,