Watched cable TV and recorded to an external drive flawlessly. Internet connection required 4. This is true with Pinnacle. It will find analog and digital. I had the following configuration. If you’re the type to make changes then this is annoying, but if you leave things alone then it is of no concern. I was really surprised how many channels the included antenna found when I did my initial scan in my basement.

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Look through the settings option. Pinnacle tv stick usb is true with Pinnacle. Stixk have vista and I would hope win7 would be just as easy. Everything I try to view says I need a program to view tvvi format — and nothing I try works?! The laptop heated up in such a way we can make tea on it.

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I tried to get some screen shots of stikc channels in action, but had a heck of a time doing so. After trying hard for two days some how made it work. I will say that when the signal was good, that the HD broadcasts looked great. Picture quality was very acceptable and, in the main, we were happy with the Pinnacle.

The offer is 1yr free of the premium guide. Internet connection required 4. You can enjoy TV in pinnacle tv stick usb mode or in a scalable window while using other applications.

Sfick the only clarity with the program output is in the still capture BMPs!!!!! Pinjacle don’t get a USB extension cable in the package, so if you want to distance pinnacle tv stick usb tuner and cable from your laptop you’ll have to buy one.

Pinnacle PCTV HD Stick 800E USB Tuner

That was my biggest tech mistake of ! The provided antenna will allow reception in areas where there is a good ATSC signal.

You can go to antennaweb. The unit, however, was a bit bulky. Anyone who pinjacle looking for a cheap and cheerful TV tuner should put the Pinnacle on their shopping list.

In regions or rooms where the signal is not strong, an amplified rooftop antenna will be required. I no pinnacle tv stick usb have this item to double check, but if you look at the package contents image, you can see the included cable that has an S-Video connector, a stereo jack and an RCA video connector.

The moral of the story is that the number of channels that this tuner can find is entirely dependent on pinnacle tv stick usb location. Product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

It has real buttons instead of the crummy plastic membrane type. Included antenna does a decent job pulling in stations Easy to use software Portable. However, we feel it makes sense to spend an extra few pounds to get both pinnacle tv stick usb and digital tuners.

Watched cable TV and recorded to an external drive flawlessly. You can watch the shows in a window or full screen.

Ultra COMPACT, Brilliant HDTV and 100% DIGITAL

When looking through the settings section of the —windows-media-center— look for the country of origin and that should configure the device for you. Hi, Unfortunately I am in iraq and have misplaced uwb product key.

I am not usbb computer literate so I need step by step instructions. Do not waste your money. The program guide only allows you to see the guide per pinnacle tv stick usb instead of all the channels in a grid, but it works ok.

Very very bad experience. Pinbacle purchased the pctv from Pennacle last year. But not unless you can find a way to view. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.