Try to play with line2 and aux controls in alsamixer these should control inputs on AudigyDrive. No wonder none of the things I tried worked. The channel mapping for three values is as follows: Note that if the same destination is mentioned in multiple controls, the signal is accumulated and can be wrapped set to maximal or minimal value without checking of overflow. Yes, until I find what program causes this, I’ll have to correct it manually everytime. Does such a wakeup command exists? But I think you don’t want to connect your tv card to your AV-Receiver.

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I haven’t seen any other mixer program with gamix’s features.

If you have a little problem with high sound having distortion, just put the bass lower. Thanks, –Amos, alsaopensrc -at- amos.

Sound blaster audigy linux there any way bringing digital output to tvtime because I want to get rid of the extra wiring from the speakers-output to the 6CH-input of the receiver? The maximum value no attenuation is default. Maybe I sound blaster audigy linux just add a USB sound card to this machine I have for a time now been pretty disturbed by the fact that I can’t get my Audigy2 Platinum eX drive buttons and remote to work. I think, you have old alsa-lib blasfer.

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It only uses the analog outputs. Well, the only way I can hear sound coming from the front is through this command: But after a few weeks, I suddenly get no sound from the front speakers, no matter what I do!

The channel mapping for three values is as follows: Starting from cold, nothing gets through. I have a second set of analog speakers hooked up to my rear output.

SF2 You might have to run those lines everytime sound blaster audigy linux boot. Originally Posted by Steve R. If I close lircd then midi keyboard plays again. I’ve got an Audigy 2 ZS card and 5. Hope this helps someone one day.

Sound Blaster Live!/Audigy and E-MU Digital Audio Systems devices

Disabling MSI Jun 2 Thanks for all who can help! Anyone knows which slider should I adjust? That seems very odd. I have got an Audigy 4, which works eound well in 1.

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Sign up using Facebook. I’m trying to find a way to use the digital output of my Audigy 2 for analog stereo.

This makes it just about impossible to use Skype completely. Originally Posted by janKdebian. You can enable the sound blaster audigy linux of this by adding “-af surround” before the “-channels 4” option on the command line for MPlayer. Visit the following links: Thank you for the help!

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I think they have a newer alsa version build in. I have an audigy 2 platinum. There 24 values with this mapping: Find More Posts by kravemir.