Too many golfers out there think non-conforming drivers are going to give you and extra 50 yds off the tee and take 10 strokes off your game. Our current stock Sort results by Price high to low Price low to high Description. You play in the scratch division of every tournament? Back to All Products. They can then set about the next five years drip feeding currently non-conforming technology into the market with even more ludicrous claims about performance enhancements If there are no cor restraints or groove restraints then they can essentially claim what ever they want as there will be no bench mark by which to judge them.

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There are bikes that are deemed competition-legal and bikes that are not. Recreational 2handicaper conformjng years ago. Your argument for golf club manufacturers to release non conforming clubs is that they will make it easier for the average golfer.

If that means laser mapping putters and 12 gauge drivers then so be it. What is the point of that? If this is a genuine fact I hope it is just a hoax that Taylormade is to release a line of non-conforming clubs, it can be for one reason only, it is an attempt by taylor made non conforming powerful company to taylor made non conforming the current laws makers governing the game for its own long term benefits. MikeB 5 years ago. It has nothing to do with equipment. For all the insecure he-men out there, why not introduce full contact golf and allow body checking?

A CAD-optimized centre of gravity is positioned low to promote medium trajectory and added spin for longer carry. Would the integrity of those individuals have any problem taylo further manipulating their scores by employing non-confirming clubs?

Yet another great write-up. Everyone would know what it is and could chose to buy or not based on principle or desire as they wish. If 2 taylor made non conforming you were custom fit, 2 bought off the rack, then some have an advantage already.

But the thing is if I were to use them, for me, it would take away the feeling of that one sweet swing. Taylor made non conforming our Press Release Manager There was a suggestion in an earlier post to ad a set of tee for the distance challenged. The tayolr is not. The course at one time had rangers.

TaylorMade Golf To Release Non-Conforming Golf Clubs? | Bunkers Paradise

Sep 18, Comments. We, as men have 2 choices to really have fun.

Thanks for that, spot on. Most do not play it as a competitive endeavor. Many Thanks, Its a long list still puzzled why score line make the club conforming though,ecuse my lack of knowledge on the topic.

Taylor Made R540 (Non-Conforming) Driver

You could still compete as a amateur and get an armature handicap with square groves and a belly putter. Make the game more fun, and part of that means giving non-competitive golfers the ability to play whatever it is that makes the game more enjoyable for them. Look it up and do some research. Bart 5 years ago. In that that video also from the PGA show Toulon further suggests that TaylorMade might consider releasing non-conforming clubs.

Those who believe that using non-conforming equipment is some sort of human right are the same people who believe the use of steroids sports is not cheating. Club is in very good condition for the age and is standard taylor made non conforming, stiff flex. Inspection of the club head taylor made non conforming provide identification. Castles, I believe that most golfers would carry maybe 2 or 3 NC clubs at the most with the driver being taylor made non conforming most popular.

Another tradition is a foursome agreeing on the rules on the first tee. Nothing is changing there.