What’s wrong with the ? But on the other hand, such size is preferable for ATX cases – the third row of mounting holes is right on the edge of the board, and the board won’t bend when FDD and IDE cable are connected. Of course, the first boards on this chipset won’t have slots for the old memory. The sequence of requests can be changed to balance the load. AGP is realized perfectly, and interaction of the processor and the memory is a bit poorer.

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This approach has both advantages a low prime cost of the chipset, a possibility to expand very much a bandwidth between a north and a south bridge or to connect IDE directly to the north bridge, a tk266 via kt266 produce compact boards and via kt266 it is difficult to make a competent lay-out for such a complex chip.

BioShock Infinite and Metro: What’s wrong with the ?

So, the controller contains a queue of 4 entries, a probe queue that keeps 4 entries with requests of the system to via kt266 processor, and a big queue of interface control instructions 24 entries which provide a continuous data stream via EV-6 bus consisting via kt266 record and read buffers. Besides, via kt266 are DIP-switches for a forced change of the multiplier, for increase of voltage of the memory and AGP – a great deal of possibilities as compared with a useless soft EasyTune!

At MHz its bandwidth increases as much as MHz. Ktt266 this case the memory subsystem performance affects nothing, and the coprocessor is the only completely loaded part via kt266 the system.

The Chipset – VIA KT Socket-A DDR Chipset: Third time’s a charm?

And what about Pentium III? Stability of the board is perfect – it has passed quite successfully a hour Stress-testing under Windows Professional. There is a possibility to set a priority for a PCI device to minimize delays. The results of the ALi Magik 1 chipset will be shown in the next review. Besides, I via kt266 there were an option for manual setting of “interleave”. As you can see, via kt266 table of DDR-chipsets with all key features of south and north bridges is via kt266 wider.

Windows Professional 5. Video vis Video cards: Such buffering vja via kt266 complete load of the bus and minimal delays. However, there is a possibility to choose DRAM command rate. With increase in a digit capacity or in the number of memory buses or in case of the Quad-Pumped Bus for Pentium 4a lot of new outputs will be added to this chip.

This interface is a stumbling block in an endless struggle of VIA and Intel. By Alexander Truhachev and Vladimir Rybnikov.

List of VIA chipsets

While Intel has always the higher performance, VIA is ahead as far as a volume of memory supported via kt266 functionality are concerned the number of RAM types with which a chipset can work.

General view The chipset consists of two chips: But anyway, we are glad that this sample performed so well. And it is not surprising since the bus is based on a DDR-like technology.

Production revisions usually start from 1. I wish I knew a real reason – was it just a physical unreadiness viw the product, or a deliberate marketing policy, I via kt266 know, but the second variant via kt266 to be completely possible.

The board with its performance and stability is much better than many production samples. VIA does understand that they cannot live off of the laurels of their PC platforms forever so it came with no surprise that in via kt266 first month of the new year they announced via kt266 shipments of their KT chipset, VIA’s first DDR solution for the Socket-A platform.

VIA was still keeping silence.

It is simple to via kt266 Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. But don’t pay too much attention to this fact, since “a computer performance in the Word ” sounds funny: The controller provides an uninterrupted operation by via kt266 queues for requests – a level one for requests for reading and a 4-level one for requests for recording, and by two FIFO buffers – byte capacity for reading data and byte capacity for recording via kt266.

All this has become possible due three-phase supply which is able to feed Athlon processors with frequencies up to 1.

By the way, such intellectual mechanism is used in a controller of the processor via kt266. The result was However, in the future motherboards with support for memory of the two types will undoubtedly appear.